RGO (Reduced Graphene Oxide)


Type                                      Flake
Color                                     Black
BET Surface area (m 2 / g)    ۱۵٫۲۴
Pore diameter (nm)               ۲٫۵۹
Pore volume (cm 3 / g)         ۰٫۰۰۹۸
Synthesis method                  Hummers
Source                                  Graphite


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The present graphene is synthesized from flake graphite. Due to the shape, the resulting graphene also retains its plate structure. The opening of the base graphite plates can be seen in the FESEM figure

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18 scaled



Performance comparision of catalysts

Comparison ofthe performance of different catalysts

Oxygen reduction reaction (ORR)

kOH 0. 1 M. electrolyte

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To evaluate the electrocatalytic activity of different catalyst towards oxygen reduction reaction, the cyclic voltammograms (CVs) of five catalysts of Mn02, MnoJCA, CoA-MnoJCA, Mno /RGO and activated carbon were recorded in the presence (O -saturated) of oxygen in 0. I M KOH electrolyte solution at scan rate of 20 mV/s. As can be seen in the cyclic voltammograms (CVs), on the surface of bare carbon cloth electrode in N2-saturated KOH solution, no noticeable oxygen reduction peak is observed while a weak reduction wave is appeared in the 02-purged KOH electrolyte which could be ascribed to the catalytic role of carbon-based substrates for ORR. Among these five catalysts, the RGO a-MnO catalyst shows the most obvious cathodic peak for oxygen reduction, which is in the potential range of 0.2 to -0.6 V


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