BET Surface area (m 2 / g) Pore diameter (nm)

Pore volume (cm 3 / g)

Synthesis method

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   X-ray diffraction analysis XRD pattern for Mno /RGO contains broad peaks at 2-theta = 25 0, 31.20, 37.0 0 and 65.4 0. These correspond to ô-Mn02, which is a 2D layered structure with stabilizing cations intercalated between the Mn06 octahedral sheets. For the XRD profile of the Mn02/RGO sample, a weak peak at 2-theta = 21.7 0 appears, which can be ascribed to the irregular stacking of RGO



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Performance comparision of catalysts

Comparison ofthe performance of different catalysts

Oxygen reduction reaction (ORR)

kOH 0. 1 M. electrolyte

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To evaluate the electrocatalytic activity of different catalyst towards oxygen reduction reaction, the cyclic voltammograms (CVs) of five catalysts of Mn02, MnoJCA, CoA-MnoJCA, Mno /RGO and activated carbon were recorded in the presence (O -saturated) of oxygen in 0. I M KOH electrolyte solution at scan rate of 20 mV/s. As can be seen in the cyclic voltammograms (CVs), on the surface of bare carbon cloth electrode in N2-saturated KOH solution, no noticeable oxygen reduction peak is observed while a weak reduction wave is appeared in the 02-purged KOH electrolyte which could be ascribed to the catalytic role of carbon-based substrates for ORR. Among these five catalysts, the RGO a-MnO catalyst shows the most obvious cathodic peak for oxygen reduction, which is in the potential range of 0.2 to -0.6 V


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